As described in the design section, one thing a developer has to handle is correct usage of headlines. You all know that we have six tags available for headlines. Use them.

Hopefully your designer came up with a clear structure, and now it’s up to you to build a page. Remember: One <h1> per page - unless you place another <h1> within a <header> tag.

Don’t use class selectors that make normal text look like a headline. Screen readers need real headlines. They will collect them all and list them, then read them out loud.

HINT: You have to have one important headline, not multiple. What’s important on your side? That’s your <h1> - and usually it’s at the top of your page. With HTML 5 it was allowed to have more than one <h1> on a page. You simply had to put them within a <section>. Luckily with HTML 5.1 this has been removed. Now we’re back to “only one <h1> per page”. If you have sections on your page they should start with <h2> or lower.