Don’t hide important information in an image

Here comes your boss again. He wants to sell a product. Obviously it’s the best product mankind has ever invented. So put it in the product image! Please don’t do that.

Of course you’re at liberty to place the copy in the product image, you can bend the text, make it 3D (why?) and use your super-special font. And it’s so easy with a graphics editor. Yes, but you’re thinking in a strictly visual way. Remember the passage about scanning a page? You and I can see what’s in this image and how awesome the product text is that you’ve added there. But that’s the point, we can “see” it.

First of all, we’re living in an age where it’s possible to use different fonts on the web. We can make them appear in 3D (Again: Why?) and highlight a certain word by adding it to a image in a fancy rotated way? - We can do this as well. With CSS.

Go to your developers and tell them what you want. And let them use real text in the image so screen readers and search engines can identify this very important message. Don’t put written information in an image. Place it above the image using real text and CSS.

And don’t forget to talk to your developers. Maybe try bringing a coffee along.